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Strategies to stop climate change

On December 3, the Vancouver Ecosocialist Group put on an event, “Strategies to Fight Climate Change.” We are republishing the speech by VEG member Gene McGuckin. A report on the event and links to videos of all the speakers’ talks is online here — NSW I thank the speakers before me for their valuable contributions – in actions as well as words — to the discussion at hand. So, what does an eco-socialist perspective add to these contributions? We all start in the same place, of course. Stopping climate change means stopping greenhouse gases, which means blocking fossil fuel corporations from extracting and transporting oil, gas, and coal. Like Rising Tide, we believe this task cannot be accomplished under the capitalist system. Not quickly enough, not thoroughly enough, and—really—not at all. Capitalism cannot be reformed or wear a human face or be less destructive. It will have to be abolished and replaced.

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