Protester hangs from cable in BoA stadium in Charlotte during game Nov. 2, 2015. Jeff Siner

Protesters suspend selves from stadium during Carolina Panthers game

Activists protesting Bank of America’s financing of a liquefied natural gas facility in Maryland suspended themselves from the upper deck of Bank of America Stadium during the Panthers Monday Night Football game.

The protesters were arrested just after 11 p.m. Police had not released their identities.

The protesters dropped a banner reading “BoA: Dump Dominion” and a link to the protest’s website. BoA is an abbreviation for Bank of America, the Charlotte-based bank that owns the naming rights to the Panthers’ stadium.

“Bank of America is allowing companies like Dominion (Resources) to operate without checks and balances,” said John Nicholson, a spokesman quoted in a press release of the organization named We Are Cove Point. “They are giving money directly to Dominion with full knowledge of the health and safety risks of building an LNG export facility, and they need to be accountable to that.”

The protesters – a man and a woman wearing full rappelling gear – climbed down during the third quarter in front of the press box.


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