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Photoset: Chicago takes part in the Global Climate Convergence

Chicago kicked off the Global Climate Convergence locally with a march and rally on Tuesday that brought together environmental justice groups, peace activists, and Palestine solidarity campaigners.  

Marchers visited the offices of “climate criminals” in Downtown Chicago, who where each served ‘cease and desist’ orders.

The first stop was Boeing, where marchers decried the role the aircraft manufacturer plays in the military industrial complex. In particular, activists critisized Boeing for manufuring weaponized aircraft used to conduct unilateral bombings in the Israeli occupied territories that have resulted in much human and ecological devastation.

The next stop on the march was a BP, one of the world’s largest fossil fuel polluters, responsible for the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe just over 4 years ago.

At JP Morgan Chase’s Chicago offices, protesters noted that while the bank’s “too big to fail” status nearly destroyed the economy along with many communities across the country, its investments in fossil fuels suggest that it thinks our climate is not too big to fail.

Chicago’s Global Climate Convergence wrapped up at Grant Park where Food Not Bombs served up a “people’s picnic.” System Change Not Climate Change activist Carole Ramsden provided these photos.


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