May Day in Dallas – The Left Speaks Out!

Our 2014 May Day celebration was a huge success. We had music from Solace and Eamon Danzig. We had poetry from Rashad and a powerful presentation from the inimitable Afi Bell.

Kilaika Baruti gave an informative and moving presentation about the history of May Day and the story of Lucy Parsons, a labor activist whose husband Albert was judicially murdered for his role in the original May Day. Gary Stuard gave a long and powerful explanation of the way that capitalism is destroying our environment. And there were other speakers.

Ishtyme Robinson from Mothers Against Youth Genocide spread the word about her organization and their work to prevent police killings. She circulated an important petition. You can find out more about her organization online here.

All of this was presided over by our energetic, funny and powerful MC, Meg Hargis.

To end the evening, we helped North Texas Light Brigade and Leslie Harris make an impressive display of an important message about climate change.

Attendees enjoyed hot dogs, fresh fruit, pies and soft drinks, and many left with full stomachs.

In addition to Dallas Left Alliance, the May Day celebration was sponsored by Workers International League, DFW, Freedom Road Socialist Organization,
System Change not Climate Change, DFW, Solidarity, and Dallas Move On.

The program was held at Main Street Garden park in downtown Dallas. About 70 people attended.

Enjoy the pictures below, or visit the event Facebook page to find more.

Kila Baruti teaching the history of May Day. Meg Hargis at the far right.

Solace performing.

Afi Bell, traditional storyteller, performing.

Gary Stuard giving the brutal facts about global warming.

Rashad reciting his poetry.

The food table. Mmmmm.

Eamon Danzig playing a set.

An attendee in a Guy Fawkes mask reminds some of us of Occupy.

Part of the crowd.

Ishtyme Robinson and Afi Bell in conversation at one of the literature

The impressive banner from System Change Not Climate Change.

Another view of the crowd.

Dallas Police sent two sergeants and a lieutenant. Why? We don’t know!

North Texas Light Brigade.

North Texas Light Brigade against the city skyline.

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Let’s Save Each Other

Let’s Save Each Other

Illustration by Stephanie McMillan. Used with permission