Ian Angus on the Anthropocene

Ian Angus on the Anthropocene, A compilation of his work, March 28, 2016 with Introduction by John Foran

Gathered here are a series of short pieces by Canadian ecosocialist scholar-activist Ian Angus, editor of the online journal Climate & Capitalism of the book The Global Fight for Climate Justice (Fernwood, 2010)

His book, Facing the Anthropocene:  Fossil Capitalism and the Crisis of the Earth System is due out in September of this year.  Here’s what I wrote for the back cover of that book:

This elegantly conceived book assesses the Anthropocene through a superb presentation of the climate science and an illuminating discussion of its “socio-ecological” causes and effects.  It is thus the first draft of a much needed sociology of the Anthropocene, weaving a fascinating, gripping history of ideas into a supremely relevant story for the most existential struggle of our time, the planetary emergency of pending climate catastrophe.  It is essential reading for ecosocialists of every stripe, scholars and activists concerned about the climate crisis, and the growing number of people taking the new fact of the Anthropocene seriously.


If Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything:  Capitalism vs. the Climate was the book the global climate justice movement was waiting for, Ian Angus’s Facing the Anthropocene is the book on the Anthropocene we have been waiting for, looking for hope by taking the new fact of the Anthropocene seriously.
It may be a little difficult to plunge into this, but keep going and you will learn a lot!

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