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COVID-19: Updates & Analysis for Activists

Dear Friends,
We hope you’re doing well and doing what you can to take care as the coronavirus continues to spread and claim lives.  As we have been doing in past weeks, below we share a sample of some of the news, analysis, and tools that caught our attention since last Friday.




New York Is Merging All its Hospitals to Battle the Coronavirus” by photo of bags of groceries lined up outside a schoolDylan Scott for Vox

‘Rain or Shine, We’re Going to Vote’: Thousands Waiting in Line at Washington High Braved Rain, Lightning, and a Coronavirus Hot Spot” by Mary Spicuzza for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel\

Coronavirus: San Francisco’s Battle to House the Homeless Continues Amid Pandemic” from KGO News

Food Shortages? Nope, Too Much Food in the Wrong Places” by Dan Charles for NPR

Immigrant Women Launch Hunger Strike in Tacoma, WA, as COVID-19 Cases Rise in Immigration Jails” from Democracy Now!”



photo of a pickup truck with a painted sign taped to the side that reads: Open Vacant Hotels Now

African American Policy Forum has been doing a series of webinars focused on COVID-19 as part of Kimberlé Crenshaw’s Intersectionality Matters!  You can check out recordings from the Under the Blacklight: The Intersectional Failures that COVID Lays Bare series for analysis from a broad range of activists, academics, and advocates.

#coronasomnia by Wang Xiuying for London Review of Books

Sanctions Are Crippling Iran’s Fight against Coronavirus by Pirouz Hanachi for The Guardian

A Tale of Two ‘Reservations: Palestine, Indian Country, and the Coronavirus” by Benay Blend for The Palestine Chronicle

As the World Economy Grinds to a Halt, the U.S. War Machine Churns On” by Sarah Lazare for In These Times

These Are Conditions in Which Revolution Becomes Thinkable” by Ben Tarnoff for Commune

The Pandemic Is a Portal” by Arundhati Roy from Financial Times

Is the Economy Trying to Kill Us?” Francesca Fiorentini for Newsbroke

“‘They Don’t Think Our Lives Matter as Much as Theirs’” an Interview with Terry Miller from Jacobin

Black Communities Need Support, Not a Coronavirus Police State” by Robyn Maynard and Andrea J. Ritchie for Vice

The US Should Fight COVID-19, Not Venezuela” by Leonardo Flores for Popular Resistance

US Far Right Seeks Ways to Exploit Coronavirus and Cause Social Collapse” by Jason Wilson for The Guardian

by Black Workers Rising

Statement on COVID-19, Militarism and Community Safety by People Linking Art, Community & Ecology (PLACE), and supported by Bay Area Organizations

Rent Strikes & Beyond: Housing Strategies that Work for the South” by  Alysia Harris for Scalawag

photo of a person wearing latex gloves.  On them is written in marker: These are disposable.  Health care workers are not.Public Health Awakened and The Spirit of 1848 are curating a database of information about public health responses to COVID-19.

Managing Anxiety and Stress During the COVID Pandemic by Chicago Torture Justice Center

Mad Maps for the Pandemic by Dean Spade for the Icarus Project

Protect Homeless from COVID Letter from Communities United for Police Reform to Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

If/When/How’s COVID-19 Policy Platform Demands for Reproductive Self-Determination

Stepping into the Moment: The Coronavirus Crisis as an Opening for Transformative Change by Harmony Goldberg for Grassroots Policy Project

Care Package #3 from Just Seeds

Cooperation Jackson is calling for a general strike on May 1.

COVID-19 Strike Wave Interactive Map from Payday Report

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