Carbon Tax To Spread To Washington, Oregon From B.C.

For a various critiques of carbon tax – go here:

Greening Capitalism? A MarxistCritique of Carbon Markets. Steffen Böhm, Maria Ceci Misoczky, Sandra Moog

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VICTORIA – British Columbia’s carbon tax will soon have two new American cousins, prompting Environment Minister Mary Polak to suggest B.C.’s groundbreaking tax is helping fuel an expanding green-powered West Coast economic juggernaut.

Polak said Monday’s moves by Oregon and Washington states towards a carbon-pricing system similar to B.C.’s seven-year-old carbon tax helps level B.C.’s economic playing field when it comes to green initiatives and building a growing trade partnership…more

And by way of a general back-grounder, I recommend this recent article on carbon tax policy by Stephane Dion:

“Carbon Taxes: Can a Good Policy Become Good Politics?”. You can find it at: The French version, “La taxe carbone: une bonne mesure, mais comment en convaincre les électeurs?”, is found at:


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