Our House Is On Fire

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Our House is on Fire (c) 2019 Sandy O, Pat Humphries Moving Forward Music BMI.
Learn more about Sandy & Pat’s music at https://emmasrevolution.com

Sandy O: Vocal, Guitar
Pat Humphries: Vocal, Guitar
Shelley Doty: Electric Guitar
Vicki Randle: Bass
Kofy Brown: Drums
Daryn Roven: Recording & Audio Editing
Sara St Martin Lynne: Videographer
Steve Holloway: Video Editing

Our House is on Fire is the opening track of the compilation “Hope Rises”, created by Music To Life, a national nonprofit co-founded by Noel (Paul) Stookey of Peter, Paul & Mary and his daughter, Elizabeth Stookey Sunde.

HOPE RISES is a compilation album of 15 Activist Artists from around the country, with diverse genres, backgrounds and styles. What they share in common is their outstanding musical talent and their commitment to activism – through their songs, passion and community work, across various issue areas. Lear more at https://www.musictolife.org/.

“Hope Rises”
Download: hoperises.hearnow.com
“Hope Rises” CD: accelerator.musictolife.org/hope-rises
Purchase the track (and support the artists!): https://bit.ly/OurHouseisonFire

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