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US - New England

Wen Stephenson, Harvard Heat Week, April 3, 2015
Harvard divestment

In September 2013, the student organizers of Divest Harvard, a campaign that was already a year old by that time, asked me to speak at the first demonstration of alumni for fossil-fuel divestment (I live near Boston, and I’d been engaged with the campaign from early on, so I was an easy get). As an erstwhile member of the mainstream media, it’s fair to say I’m not a seasoned activist. I haven’t given a lot of speeches in my time, certainly not at rallies. So it was strange, and very humbling, to stand in front of Mass.

John Vidal, The Guardian, June 2, 2014

14 colleges demand university shouldn't invest in companies that are fuelling the climate crisis. Students and dons at 14 Oxford colleges have urged the university to purge its £3.3bn endowment fund of all investments in fossil fuel companies.

No Pipelines! Action Camp for Climate Justice - Monkton, Vermont

Join organizers and activists from across Vermont for a weekend of workshops and trainings to deepen our collective understanding of the politics of extreme energy and take action to stop the fracked gas pipeline! With pipeline plans moving forward, it's time to take to the streets and skill up for direct action. Learn how to plan creative actions from beginning to follow-up; from scouting the target, engaging media, and using a range of blockading skills to defend a livable planet for humans and all beings.

Detailed agenda to be announced soon!

SCNCC, April 30, 2014

UPDATED: As part of a #BeyondEarthDay set of direct actions, students at Harvard University launched a sit-in at their president's office at 6 am this morning and have since been joined by hundreds of supporters. They are demanding the Ivy League school divest from its fossil fuel holdings.

Sarah Lazare, Common Dreams , April 26, 2014

The National Wildlife Federation filed a lawsuit this week charging the U.S. State Department is refusing to disclose public information about a pipeline company's possible plans to transport dangerous tar sands oil from Montreal to the coast of Maine.

The lawsuit takes aim at the oil industry's repeated claims that there is no plan to transport the dirty oil through New England, despite numerous indications that such a plan indeed exists.

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