Europe Standing Tall Against a Rogue State: Canada

by James Hansen 08 September 2013 I spent a week in May in European capitals (Brussels, the Hague, Berlin, London and Paris) discussing the role of tar sands and other unconventional fossil fuels in climate change. Mark Jaccard (Canadian professor...

The Fossil Fuels War

The Rise of the Unconventionals: Only a few years ago governments, corporations, and energy analysts were fixated on the problem of “the end of cheap oil” or “peak oil,” pointing to growing shortages of conventional crude oil due to the depletion of...

Naomi Klein: Climate Change, unions, and a united left agenda

I’m so very happy and honored to be able to share this historic day with you. The energy in this room — and the hope the founding of this new union has inspired across the country – is contagious. It feels like this could be the beginning of the...

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