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Ecosocialist Songbook Cover

Uprisings, rallies, meetings, and marches are livelier when graced with song.  This book of new lyrics for familiar songs is the Bay Area women's singing group Occupellas's contribution to the ecosocialist canon.  It's a free download. Song has been an important part of every people's movement that has ever won.

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July 6, 2020
The Earth is warming at an astounding speed, equivalent to absorbing 907 times the USA’s annual energy use, far faster than biological species can adapt
July 6, 2020
A special edition of Ecosocialist Bookshelf: six books we recommend for understanding the deadliest global health crisis of our time
July 5, 2020
New study provides ‘unequivocal indicators’ that global warming is not just underway but speeding up. Scientists insist ‘the time for inaction is over.’