Re-Imagining Climate Justice: At the Crossroads of Hope and Possibility

Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 9:00am

This is a moment of intense struggle and fragile hope. Humanity is at a crossroads marked by economic collapse, corporate takeover of political processes, devastating wars and violence of all kinds. At the center of these crises looms the spectre of climate change, threatening our very existence.

The good news is that people all over the world are linking hands, both in real and virtual spaces, to stand up to the economically and politically powerful one percent who are causing the degradation of life. They are coming together in a network of hope and action that many are calling the Global Climate Justice Movement.

At this network's core is the principle of climate justice: the desire that all humans claim responsibility for our impact on the world's climate, so that communities may reclaim their rights to "live well" with healthy, creative lives rather than simply to "live better" or consume more, and that together we construct a future based on equity, deep democracy, and cooperation. This involves unlocking the creativity of every Earth citizen to re-imagine the world in which we live in order to make way for new possibilities.

Our call for a gathering goes out to all who are passionate or just curious about the potential of movements for climate justice, and who wish to re-imagine together the possibilities for achieving a better world from the local level to the planetary. Come and engage in the art of remaking the world in which we live, love, work, imagine, and dream.

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