Confronting Capitalism & Climate Crisis

Sunday, August 2, 2015 - 7:00am
Ally Event

Center for Popular Economics' Summer Institute

August 2-9, 2015 in Northampton, MA

This summer’s institute, Confronting Capitalism & Climate Crisis, will take place from August 2nd - 9th in Northampton, MA. By focusing analysis on the economic systems and policies at the root of climate change and its unequal impacts, we seek to support activists in building a broad based, cross-issue movement for climate justice. We will provide economic tools and analysis to inform and sharpen strategies – both short and long term - for transitioning away from the corporate-driven, growth-oriented, carbon-intensive economy while simultaneously fighting for, and building, a more sustainable, democratic, and equitable economy. In addition to classroom sessions taught by CPE’s staff economists in the mornings, we offer workshops, films and plenary sessions in the afternoons and evenings, all of which are free and open to the public. This year’s focus on climate justice will be integrated into the classrooms as well as the workshops, films and plenaries.