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Posted: 06/07/20
The Earth is warming at an astounding speed, equivalent to absorbing 907 times the USA’s annual energy use, far faster than biological species can adapt
Posted: 06/07/20
A special edition of Ecosocialist Bookshelf: six books we recommend for understanding the deadliest global health crisis of our time
Posted: 05/07/20
New study provides ‘unequivocal indicators’ that global warming is not just underway but speeding up. Scientists insist ‘the time for inaction is over.’
Posted: 02/07/20
The profit-driven food system endangers the lives of millions of low-paid workers. It’s time to adopt more humane and robust methods of feeding humanity.
Posted: 01/07/20
Researchers find that much supposedly recycled plastic from Europe is in fact exported to Southeast Asia and dumped
Posted: 21/06/20
Neoliberalism has driven the the world system into a cul-de-sac. The Global South must lead in building a new international economic order
Posted: 11/06/20
A magazine for fans of very expensive cars unexpectedly exposes the gross economic inequality that characterizes the U.S. today
Posted: 10/06/20
‘If wildlife-oriented solutions distract from the weaknesses that COVID-19 has exposed in global health security, the next pandemic will levy a higher toll.’
Posted: 10/06/20
Four million tonnes of poison a year, most produced by four agribusiness giants, are killing essential insects everywhere. One-third of species face extinction.
Posted: 04/06/20
Greenhouse gas in atmosphere continues accelerating, reaching the highest concentration ever recorded in May 2020.