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Posted: 18/09/20

In ‘The Return of Nature,’ John Bellamy Foster documents the chain of people and ideas that connects Marx and Engels to the 20th century’s greatest ecological thinkers

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Posted: 06/09/20

Scientists call them a ‘deadly trio.’ If acidification, oxygen loss, and overheating are not ended soon, a massive die-off of ocean life may be unstoppable.

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Posted: 05/09/20

Five new books and an essential magazine! Science for People; Katrina’s History; Small Farm Future; Mass Migration; Energy and Work; China’s Environmental Crisis

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Posted: 02/09/20

Mass grassroots campaign calls for system change now and for a climate justice deal that ends the suffering of the most vulnerable and oppressed

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Posted: 01/09/20

‘Climate Change Solutions’ shows that capitalism cannot solve the climate crisis, but the alternatives it offers don’t meet the challenge

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Posted: 25/08/20

Should ecosocialists put aside calls for radical social change until after we win reforms that solve the climate crisis within capitalism? 

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Posted: 18/08/20
New books on fungi, climate & capital, food, bluefin tuna, & Cuban agriculture. PLUS new translations of Facing the Anthropocene, and two recent C&C book reviews
Posted: 17/08/20
The Dakota Access Pipeline fight continues the long history of struggle against colonial settler genocide and ecological vandalism.
Posted: 12/08/20
Worldwide, there are now over a thousand coastal areas where fish can’t breathe. The nitrogen that makes crops grow is also destroying offshore ecosystems.
Posted: 09/08/20
Not just renewable energy, but global system change! A call to arms for a transformative approach to energy and a new society.