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Rosalie Harman, Earth Day, April 23, 2014

via YouTube Capture Demonstration at Zuccotti Park before marching around Wall Street. Earlier activities had been held at Union Square Park, which was sponsored by Toyota, Con Ed and other corporations.

System Change Not Climate Change Web Working Group , April 23, 2014

System Change Not Climate Change is proud to present our new website! It involved many hours of labor, taking in feedback from our membership base and iterating on design ideas within our web working group.

Ian Angus, SCNCC, April 7, 2014

The first vote of a newly formed "Ottawa Ecosociliasts" on Monday was to affiliate with System Change Not Climate Change

SCNCC, SCNCC, February 26, 2014

Heads of state and business leaders from around the world will gather in New York City on September 23 to attend a Global Climate Summit at the United Nations. Once again, quantities of jet fuel will be burned and more hot air will be produced while the hopes of people around the world will be betrayed.


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