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Cihan Tugal, Open Democracy, October 30, 2020
Storming of the Winter Palace

Although scientists have been publishing on the viral consequences of deforestation for decades, Andreas Malm’s Corona, Climate, Chronic Emergency is the first publicly accessible book that connects pandemics, climate change, and capitalism. Even more ambitiously, Malm proposes a solution to end all three.

Jeremy Brecher, Labor Network for Sustainability, October 21, 2020
Trump for Prison Sign

Donald Trump, desperately behind in the polls, appears to be laying the groundwork for illegally attempting to remain in office if he loses the election. A previous commentary, “Social Self-Defense Against the Impending Trump Coup” laid out a strategy for popular resistance to such a usurpation of democratic government. This commentary focuses in on the role of workers – union and nonunion – in resisting a Trump Coup.

Ryan Olds, Labor Notes, September 25, 2020
Rogue Action Center burned to the ground by wildfire

Americans often react to tragedy with calls for unity. People want to feel that we’re in this together.

But as fires burn throughout the West Coast, I’d like to offer an alternative vision. What we need now is to point the finger at those responsible. Rather than unity, we need blame and accountability.

System Change Not Climate Change, YouTube, July 26, 2020
Global Climate Strike Perth 2019
In this video, labor organizer, climate activist, and historian Jeremy Brecher speaks about the role of the strike weapon in fighting the deepening and intertwined crises we face.
Brecher is the author of Strike! and the co-founder and research director of the Labor Network for Sustainability.
Steve Morse, Labor Notes, July 28, 2020
Green Bans demonstration

Imagine a building trades union that broke new ground in the 1970s in its support for environmentalism, community preservation, and women, and in its opposition to racism, even as it fought hard for all its members. Imagine a union that determined what got built, based on community interests rather than profit and greed.

Jeff Cohen, Common Dreams, June 19, 2020
Capitalism Kills
If you’ve been watching mainstream TV news programs lately, you’ve probably noticed that a number of corporate journalists—prodded by the marvelous protests against police violence—seem to have learned a new phrase, which they invoke regularly: “systemic racism.”
That’s an improvement from a dozen years ago, when some in establishment media were hailing our society as "post-racial" because of the election of President Obama.
Naomi Klein, Dissent, May 18, 2020
Green New Deal protest march - Sunrise Movement

The Green New Deal will need to be subject to constant vigilance and pressure—from experts who understand exactly what it will take, and from social movements that have decades of experience bearing the brunt of false climate solutions.

Jeremy Brecher, Labor Network for Sustainability, April 2, 2020
One Detroit Center
There have been more than a dozen strikes in the past two weeks by workers striking to protect themselves against infection by the coronavirus. They have already won increased protection. What do they portend for the future?


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