Food Justice

Felicity Carus, The Guardian, January 6, 2015

A global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and the worst impacts of climate change, a UN report said today.

Martin Hickman, The Independent, August 18, 2014

Climate change emissions from meat production are far higher than currently estimated, according to a controversial new study that will fuel the debate on whether people should eat fewer animal products to help the environment.

In a paper published by a respected US thinktank, the Worldwatch Institute, two World Bank environmental advisers claim that instead of 18 per cent of global emissions being caused by meat, the true figure is 51 per cent.

Peter Rugh, July 24, 2014

Or, 'Where do you expect us to shit?'

I recommend blasting the Exploied's "Dead Cities" when you read this. Or really anything by the Exploited, because the citizenry of Detroit are and have been exploited and they have every right to be just as pissed off as the British punk band that was screaming in my head as I wandered through Detroit's derelict neighborhoods researching this article.

Moratorium Michigan, MM, July 12, 2014

We call on activists everywhere to come to Detroit on Friday, July 18 for a rally and march to fight the dictatorship of Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, appointed by millionaire Republican Governor Rick Synder, and backed by Wall Street bankers and the 1%.

SCNCC, July 12, 2014

Residents of Detroit, Michigan took steps to keep the H2O in their taps flowing on Thursday, physically blocking a private corporation from shutting off their water. 

Common Dreams reports

Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams, July 2, 2014

Over half a million people including scientists, doctors and food safety advocates have urged the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency not to approve a new herbicide mix proposed by Dow because they say it would open the floodgates to a vast increase in toxic spraying that puts public health and the environmental at risk.

Peter Rugh, Vice, June 19, 2014

Leanne and Robert Baum used to take their children sledding in the field across the road from their house in Minisink, New York. But these days, Leanne, who drives a school bus for a local Christian academy, and Robert, who runs a hardware store, say they're afraid to even let their kids play in the front yard. The couple's small township in Orange County has for decades supplied fresh organic and heirloom produce to the restaurants and farmers' markets in New York City, 60 miles south. Now, it is the site of a growing health crisis.

Organic Consumers Association, OCA, June 11, 2014

The battle for labeling genetically modified foods (GMOs) in New York is down to the wire. There are only nine days left until the end of the legislative session on June 19th. 

In the Assembly, A.3525 has cleared two important hurdles, but still needs to be passed by the Ways and Means and the Rules Committees before it lands on the Assembly floor for a full vote. 

Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams, May 25, 2014

"It's time to take back our food!" was the cry as people in 52 countries worldwide took to the streets in a global day of action on Saturday against chemical behemoth Monsanto.

The third annual March Against Monsanto (MAM) was the largest yet, according to movement founder Tami Canal. Millions of people in over 400 cities took part.

Vandana Shiva , May 25, 2014

The third annual "March Against Monsanto" took place in over 400 cities worldwide Saturday. Ahead of the marches, renowned food justice activist Vandana Shiva issued the following statement of solidarity with with those participating in the global day of action against the agro-chemical giant. 


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