Herbert Docena, Transnational Institute, January 22, 2016

Corporate executives and climate skeptics that mobilise against strong international climate change agreements have rightly been the focus of attention of many people concerned about the climate crisis. But another group of elites—those who actually believe in climate change —may paradoxically have done more to block effective solutions to the crisis.

“The object is to change the heart and soul.” – Margaret Thatcher 

Bill McKibben, Tom Dispatch, January 19, 2016

When I was a kid, I was creepily fascinated by the wrongheaded idea, current in my grade school, that your hair and your fingernails kept growing after you died. The lesson seemed to be that it was hard to kill something off -- if it wanted to keep going.

Adam Tomes, Counterfire, January 19, 2016

Mike Gonzalez and Marianella Yanes, The Last Drop: The Politics of Water (Pluto Press 2015), xii, 202pp.

Brando Marcetic, In These Times, January 17, 2016

After years of political jostling, environmental groups celebrated President Obama’s Nov. 6, 2015, rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline. “America is now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change,” he said.

As he spoke, another pipeline known as the Alberta Clipper was already transporting some 800,000 barrels per day (BPD) of tar sands crude—the same type and essentially the same volume of oil as the proposed Keystone—to U.S. refineries.

Regina Johnson, Socialist Worker, January 14, 2016

YOU'D THINK the ecological and social crisis in California couldn't get any worse.

Michael Gasser, Against the Current, January 1, 2016

Review of Capitalism & Climate Change: The Science and Politics of Global Warming

By David Klein, illustrated and edited by Stephanie McMillan
An ebook available for download at Gumroad, a site where people can sell their work directly to their audience: You choose your own price.

Kevin Anderson, Nature, December 27, 2015

The climate agreement delivered earlier this month in Paris is a genuine triumph of international diplomacy. It is a tribute to how France was able to bring a fractious world together. And it is testament to how assiduous and painstaking science can defeat the unremitting programme of misinformation that is perpetuated by powerful vested interests. It is the twenty-first century's equivalent to the victory of heliocentrism over the inquisition. Yet it risks being total fantasy.

Jeremy Schulmann, Mother Jones, December 23, 2015

Climate change will have some pretty terrifying consequences. Experts have predicted everything from deadly heat waves and devastating floods to falling crop production and even increased political instability and violence. But according to some of the world's biggest companies, these future disasters could also present lucrative business opportunities.

Jesse McLaren,, December 22, 2015

Cowspiracy shines a light on the carbon emissions of the animal agriculture industry, but its beam is so narrow that it leaves the rest of agriculture and the economy hidden from view, and elevates dietary choice to political strategy.

Daniel Tanuro, LCR, December 16, 2015

Celles et ceux qui se réjouissent de l’accord sur le climat soulignent notamment le fait que le texte adopté fixe pour objectif « d’atteindre dans la seconde moitié du siècle un équilibre entre les émissions anthropiques et les absorptions de gaz à effet de serre« . C’est exact, MAIS, pour apprécier la portée de cet engagement, pour savoir s’il est effectivement conforme aux impératifs de la résilience, il faut tenir compte aussi des faits suivants:

– le texte ne fixe aucune échéance pour le pic des émissions;


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