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Climate justice wiki

The Climate Justice Working Group of the New York City DSA has launched a wiki of readings on climate and environmental justice to guide activists in self-education and organized study groups. The wiki is a work in progress and is frequently updated, so check back often at

Introducing ecosocialism:

These articles and books provide an introduction to the ecosocialist perspective, focusing on works that are brief, clear, and readily available. The authors don’t agree on everything. They don’t even agree on whether “ecosocialism” is an appropriate term. You may call this perspective ecosocialism or ecological Marxism or socialist environmentalism, or just socialism: it’s the ideas, not the labels, that count.

Essential books

  1. Victor Wallis (2018) Red-Green Revolution: The Politics and Technology of Ecosocialism
  2. Fred Magdoff and Chris Williams (2017) Creating an Ecological Society: Toward a Revolutionary Transformation
  3. Ian Angus (2017) A Redder Shade of Green: Intersections of Science and Socialism
  4. Mike Davis (2017) Planet of Slums
  5. Andreas Malm (2016) Fossil Capital: The Rise of Steam Power and the Roots of Global Warming
  6. Michael Löwy (2015) Ecosocialism: A Radical Alternative to Capitalist Catastrophe
  7. Richard Smith (2015) Green Capitalism: The God That Failed
  8. David Klein (SCNCC), edited and illlustrated by Stephanie McMillan: Capitalism & Climate Change: the Science and Politics of Global Warming, Gumroad (e-book), January, 2015.
    1. Review by Michael Gasser (SCNCC): "Climate change: a radical primer", Against the Current, 180, Jan.-Feb., 2016.
    2. Review by Erica Wohldmann: "Fascinating new e-book challenges the economic roots of climate change", Planet Experts, Feb. 18, 2015.
  9. Naomi Klein (2014), This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. Climate
    1. Review by Brad Hornick (SCNCC), A View from Burnaby Mountain, The Bullet, March 27, 2015
    2. Review by Janice Cox (SCNCC) and Michael Gasser (SCNCC): "What does climate change change?", Against the Current, Jan.-Feb. 2015.
    3. Review by Sam Gindin: "When history knocks"Jacobin, Dec. 30, 2014.
    4. Review by Tom Athanasiou: "No time to spare"Earth Island Journal, Nov. 17, 2014
    5. Rob Hopkins: "Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything: a review"Citizen Action Monitor, Nov. 17, 2014.
  10. Ian Angus and Simon Butler (2011) Too Many People? Population, Immigration, and the Environmental Crisis
  11. Fred Magdoff and John Bellamy Foster (2011) What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism
  12. Ian Angus (editor) (2010): The Global Fight for Climate Justice
  13. Chris Williams (2010) Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis
  14. Daniel Tanuro (2009; English tr. 2013) Green Capitalism: Why It Can't Work
  15. Joel Kovel (2007) The Enemy of Nature: The End of Capitalism or the End of the World

Essential articles

  1. Gracie Brett (Dec 18, 2018) The Case for Ecosocialism: Polluting Plutocracy versus Prosperity
  2. MIchael Löwy (Dec 2018) Why Ecosocialism: For a Red-Green Future
  3. Matthew Huber (Aug 16, 2018) Five Principles of a Socialist Climate Politics
  4. Richard Smith: "Capitalism and the destruction of life on earth: Six theses on saving the humans"
  5. Richard Smith: "Green Capitalism: The god that failed"
  6. Brad Hornick: "Militant Particularlism and Ecosocialism, Harvey, Klein, Smith, Foster"
  7. Ian Angus: "How to make an ecosocialist revolution"
  8. John Bellamy Foster: "The four laws of ecology and the four anti-ecological laws of capitalism"
  9. Chris Williams: "What would a sustainable society look like?"
  10. Ian Angus: "Ecosocialism: for a society of good ancestors!"
  11. Ecosocialist International Network: "Belem Ecosocialist Declaration"
  12. Daniel Tanuro: "Humanity, society and ecology: Global warming and the ecosocialist alternative"
  13. Phil Ward: "The ecological crisis and its consequences for socialists"
  14. John Bellamy Foster: "Ecology and the transition from capitalism to socialism"
  15. Ian Angus: "Why we need an ecosocialist revolution"
  16. Ian Angus: "The spectre of 21st century barbarism"