Sweeping environmental review decided for coal export terminal proposal in Washington state

Regulators in Washington state have decided to undertake a sweeping environmental review of a proposed coal export terminal on the Columbia River at Longview. The Millennium Bulk Terminals proposal would see construction of a port capable of handling 44 million tons of thermal coal mined in Wyoming and Montana and transported to the coast by rail. That would make it the largest single coal export terminal in North America.

Two other coal terminals are proposed in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, including an even larger terminal just north of Bellingham, called Gateway Pacific.

Enclosed are two articles reporting on the consequences of the decision to review Longview, including its implication in British Columbia for the proposed Fraser Surrey Docks coal terminal in Vancouver.

Coal terminal near Longview set for environmental review, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Feb. 12, 2014

Review of Washington State coal export project to include global warming effects, Gordon Hoekstra, Vancouver Sun, Feb 13, 2014

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