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Russel Brand: An Iconic Moment in Politics and Culture?

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Tara Mahoney: Russell Brand did not start a revolution; he joined one, Tara Mahoney, Georgia Straight, November 7, 2013

See a more recent article by Brand on Murdoch’s News of the World: November 29, 2013

Oct 26, 2013–British comedian Russell Brand was interviewed for ten minutes on Oct 23 by Jeremy Paxton on BBC Newsnight. In the interview, Brand rails against what he considers an irredeemably corrupt and doomed capitalist system, including its despoliation of the natural environment. The interview is being quickly considered an iconic moment in politics and culture.

Here is an excerpt from an introductory comment to the interview, by Paul Mason, Cultural and Political Editor at Britain’s Channel Four:

So Russell versus Jeremy was a big cultural event, akin maybe to one of those David Frost interviews in the Profumo era, only in this case it’s the interviewee, not the interviewer, who speaks for the upcoming generation. Because while on my timeline everybody over 40 is saying, effectively, “tee hee, isn’t Brand outrageous”, a lot of people in their twenties are saying simply: Russell is right, bring it on.

From the interview, in the words of Russell Brand:

  • “Profit is a filthy word.”
  • “Why would anyone vote for it [parties in the system]?”
  • “Don’t buy into cozy, little valves, like recycling and Prius.”
  • “Why would we continue to contribute to this little facade [Parliament]?”
  • “There’s going to be a revolution–I don’t have a flicker of doubt.”

The interview was prompted by Brand’s guest editorship of the latest issue [Oct. 24] of the prestigious, weekly New Statesman magazine on the theme of ‘revolution. You can view Brand’s lead editorial of that issue here.

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