Review panel reverses decision, asks for Agricultural Land Commmission input on Site C hydro dam proposal

The BC government is pressing for a quick go-ahead of the massive, Site C dam on the Peace River in northeast BC. The dam will help power proposed expansions of mining, gas fracking and other extraction and related projects in the BC north. It will flood 3,000 hectares (7,500 acres) of prime agricultural land. The government wants to bypass a review of such a controversial decision. Now the review panel appointed by the government says it will hear concerns about this aspect of the dam proposal.–Website editors

VANCOUVER — The Joint Review Panel examining the Site C dam proposal has reversed an earlier decision and is now asking B.C.’s Agricultural Land Commission for input on a project that could drown thousands of hectares of farmland. The last-minute decision, which comes just before public hearings end Thursday, was made despite a provincial government attempt to keep the ALC out of the process.

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