Pipeline resistance movement sets sights on TransCanada’s Energy East project

TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline was originally celebrated as the project that would connect the East and the West. Then, proponents said it was the project that would allow the Canadian petroleum industry to access new international markets. Next, it was known as the project that would provide oil for Eastern Canadians. Amidst all the propaganda from the government, it is still another pipeline proposal to add to the mix of fossil fuel pipelines for which the industry is lobbying heavily. What sets it apart is how carefully TransCanada is navigating the political landscape and learning from the growing fights against other pipelines such as Northern Gateway and Line 9. – See more at: http://www.occupy.com/article/pipeline-resistance-movement-sets-sights-transcanadas-energy-east-project#sthash.0S6bkeUh.dpuf

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