Party against the pipelines: A carnival for climate justice

Have a look -see video below- this “party” just happened in Vancouver, on the West Coast of Canada…. and see related article.


From Rising Tide – Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories: Take to the streets to reclaim a space in the city, celebrate the growing movement to stop the pipelines, and dance while we do it!

As we resist the onslaught of tar sands pipelines, fracked gas plants and pipelines, and new coal exports, we must also build community alternatives to the systems of capitalism and colonialism which underpin these devastating projects.

The carnival will be protest, occupation, celebration, and more, and – like history – will be made by those who show up. Join us to hold and transform space, and imagine an alternative to fossil-and-profit-fuelled oppression and destruction.

The carnival will spark new community relationships, help us recognize and grow our collective influence to change the places we live in, and build power for our shared struggles. It will be a moment to learn from each other, dance and play, and co-create fragments of the future we dream of in the here and now.

This city does not belong to corporations and the state; let’s build a space that undermines capitalist structures and grows our capacity to change course. All communities are welcome: bring your creativity, costumes, and the subversive spirit of carnival!

This event is organized by Rising Tide Vancouver-Coast Salish Territories in solidarity with frontline communities, and we invite everyone to get involved in making it happen and making it spectacular. Stay tuned for more info, but for now… save the date!

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