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European Left congress calls for ecosocialism

“Ecosocialism, meaning socioecological transformation, is a new synthesis to face the challenge of both social and environmental crisis, which have the same roots” The European Left, an association of 27 left-wing parties in the European Union, was formed in 2004 to run in elections for the European Parliament. Members sit in the Parliament as the European United Left-Nordic Green Left group. The following resolution was proposed by the Parti De Gauche (Left Party, France), De Rød-Grønne (Red-Green Alliance, Denmark), Syriza (Coalition of the Radical Left, Greece), Bloco de Esquerda (Leftb Bloc, Portugal), and Die Linke (The Left, Germany). It was adopted by a 48% to 43% vote at the European Left’s conference in Madrid, December 13-15.

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