Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer received a letter from climate and environmental groups calling for the defeat of the pro-fossil fuel bill Schumer reportedly promised to Sen Joe Manchin in exchange for his support of the Inflation Reduction Act. Photo: Lori Schaull CC BY-SA 2.0

650+ Groups Demand Dems Drop Fossil Fuel Bill Promised to Manchin

On August 24, 2022, 650+ groups sent the following letter to Democratic Leadership demanding a stop to the “Dirty Deal” legislation

August 24, 2022  

The Honorable Chuck Schumer
Senate Majority Leader
Room S-221
The Capitol
Washington, D.C. 20510

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Room H-232
United States Capitol
Washington, D.C. 20515

Cc: Members of Congress

Re:  Opposition to Fossil Fuel Project Approvals and Permitting Reforms Conditioned on the Inflation Reduction Act 

Dear Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer, 

On behalf of 653 frontline communities and environmental and other organizations representing millions of members and supporters nationwide, we are writing to express our strenuous opposition to any additional fossil fuel giveaways. Alarming proposals have been referenced by Senator Manchin, in a short memo, and in legislative language that was clearly drafted in consultation with the American Petroleum Institute (API). It has been reported that Manchin has demanded these handouts to the fossil fuel industry as a further price for his vote on the Inflation Reduction Act, which already included large giveaways to polluters. 

We call on you to unequivocally reject any effort to promote fossil fuels, advance unproven technologies, and weaken our core environmental laws. You must stand with the communities who continue to bear the brunt of harm from fossil fuels and act to prevent wholesale climate disaster.  

This fossil fuel wish list is a cruel and direct attack on environmental justice communities and the climate. This legislation would truncate and hollow-out the environmental review process, weaken Tribal consultations, and make it far harder for frontline communities to have their voices heard by gutting bedrock protections in the National Environmental Policy Act and Clean Water Act.  

In a further affront to frontline communities and climate science’s mandate to end all fossil fuel expansion, this legislative proposal would promote and prioritize dozens of fossil fuel projects including the incomplete fracked-gas Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP), and dictate where future court cases to protect communities and the environment can be filed. Building this unnecessary pipeline could violate Indigenous sovereignty, property rights, threaten endangered species, devastate sensitive Appalachian ecosystems, further degrade hundreds of critical waterways, and disproportionately harm low-wealth communities and communities of color. The MVP is using eminent domain for their private gain leaving landowners with all the risk. The MVP could be responsible for an additional 89 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, the equivalent of 26 coal plants. New fossil fuel infrastructure projects, including MVP, are flatly incompatible with limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. In the words of United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, “Investing in new fossil fuels infrastructure is moral and economic madness.”  

Prolonging the fossil fuel era perpetuates environmental racism, is wildly out of step with climate science, and hamstrings our nation’s ability to avert a climate disaster. Supporting this legislation would represent a profound betrayal of frontline communities and constituents across the country who have called on you to prevent the multitude of harms of fossil fuels and advance a just, renewable energy future.

For example, the permit review process for the proposed Formosa Plastics Complex in St. James Parish, Louisiana has been critical in protecting the surrounding community, which is about 90-percent Black. If developed, it would produce 800 tons of toxic air pollutants annually, doubling air emissions in the already overburdened community in Cancer Alley. The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights called the project “environmental racism” in March and urged U.S. officials to reject the project. Reports of the proposed legislative changes to NEPA and the priority permitting list would perpetuate this environmental racism.

Bold Congressional action to address the existential threat of climate chaos requires limiting the production of oil, gas, and coal, which are responsible for 85% of greenhouse emissions and are the root driver of the climate crisis. Relying only on large scale investments in renewable energy and environmental justice alone will not stave off climate disaster if Congress simultaneously puts its legislative foot on the gas to expand fossil fuel production and false solutions like carbon capture, hydrogen, biomass, biofuels, factory farm gas, and nuclear power. Existing fossil fuel facilities already push us past climate targets; any new fossil fuel projects would be incompatible with avoiding irreversible climatic devastation.  

Moreover, tethering this legislation to any must-pass legislation including a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government is morally abhorrent. Holding the funding of the entire federal government hostage to satiate one Senator with a heavy financial self-interest in fossil fuels is beyond irresponsible. Sacrificing the health and prosperity of communities in Appalachia, the Gulf Coast, Alaska, the Midwest, the Southwest, and other frontline communities around the country makes this side-deal profoundly disgraceful. 

Truncating environmental reviews does not benefit renewable energy. All this legislation will do is weaken environmental protections that are needed to protect communities, wildlife, and our public lands and waters from the devastation of toxic fossil fuel projects. After all, solar panels do not cause oil spills and wind farms do not contaminate our air and water.  

We strongly urge you to reject this fossil fuel handout and side-deal with one single Senator. Our communities and our collective future require the political courage to stop the fossil fuel stranglehold once and for all.  


  1. ActionAid USA
  2. Active San Gabriel Valley
  3. Alabama Interfaith Power & Light
  4. Alianza Americas
  5. All Our Energy
  6. Alliance for a Green Economy
  7. Alliance for Affordable Energy
  8. Alliance for Just Money
  9. Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments
  10. American Federation of Government Employees Local 704 
  11. American Friends Service Committee
  12. American Sustainable Business Council
  13. Animals Are Sentient Beings
  14. Animas Valley Institute
  15. Anthropocene Alliance
  16. Appalachian Institute for Renewable Energy
  17. Aquamarine Studio
  18. Arizona Interfaith Power & Light
  19. ARTivism Virginia
  20. Association of Young Americans
  21. Athens County Future Action Network
  22. Azul
  23. Ban Single Use Plastic
  24. Battle Creek Alliance & Defiance Canyon Raptor Rescue
  25. Bay Area Jewish Earth Alliance
  26. Bay Area System Change Not Climate Change
  27. Bay Area Women in Black
  28. Be the Change Colorado
  29. Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Community
  30. Bend the Arc
  31. Bergen County Green Party
  32. Berks Gas Truth
  33. Berkshire Environmental Action Team
  34. Better Path Coalition
  35. Between the Waters
  36. Beyond Extreme Energy
  37. Bike4Peace
  38. Biofuelwatch
  39. Black Warrior Riverkeeper
  40. Blacks in Green
  41. Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League
  42. Blue Water Baltimore
  43. Bold Alliance
  44. Bold ReThink
  45. Bronx Climate Justice North
  46. Bronx Jews for Climate Action
  47. Businesses for a Livable Climate
  48. California Communities Against Toxics
  49. California Environmental Justice Alliance 
  50. Call to Action Colorado
  51. Camp White Pine Pennsylvania
  52. Cape Downwinders
  53. Care About Climate 
  54. Carolina Jews for Justice
  55. Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas
  56. CASA
  57. Catalyst Miami
  58. CatholicNetwork US
  59. Catskill Mountainkeeper
  60. Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Environmental Justice Ministry
  61. Center for Biological Diversity
  62. Center for Climate Integrity
  63. Center for Environmentally Recycled Building Alternatives
  64. Center for International Environmental Law
  65. Center for Popular Democracy 
  66. Central Bergen Circle of GreenFaith
  67. Chama Radio
  68. Change Begins With Me – Indivisible
  69. Chapel Hill Organization for Clean Energy
  70. Chase Systems
  71. Chesapeake Climate Action Network
  72. Christians for the Mountains
  73. Church Women United in New York State
  74. Church World Service
  75. Citizen Action of Wisconsin
  76. Citizen’s Alliance for a Sustainable Englewood
  77. Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana
  78. Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community
  79. Citizens for Clean Air & Water in Brazoria County
  80. Citizens United for Renewable Energy
  81. Citizens’ Climate Lobby Santa Cruz
  82. Citizens’ Resistance at Fermi Two
  83. Clean Air Council
  84. Clean Cape Fear
  85. Clean Energy Action
  86. Clean Energy Now Texas
  87. Clean Up the River Environment Minnesota
  88. Clean Water for North Carolina
  89. CleanAirNow
  90. CLEO Institute
  91. Climate + Community Project
  92. Climate Action Campaign of Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
  93. Climate Action Now Western Massachusetts
  94. Climate Action Rhode Island
  95. Climate Advocates Voces Unidas
  96. Climate Crisis Policy
  97. Climate Defense Project
  98. Climate Equity Policy Center
  99. Climate Families New York City
  100. Climate First: Replacing Oil & Gas
  101. Climate Generation
  102. Climate Hawks Vote
  103. Climate Justice Alliance
  104. Climate Justice for Africa
  105. Climate Mobilization Montgomery County
  106. Climate Reality Project Knoxville
  107. Climate Reality Project Orange County North Carolina
  108. Climate Reality Project Portland
  109. Climate Reality Project Susquehanna Valley
  110. Clinton Against Fracking
  111. Closing the Water Gap
  112. Coalition Against Pipelines
  113. Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline
  114. Coalition for a Nuclear Free Great Lakes
  115. Coalition on the Environment & Jewish Life 
  116. Coalition to Protect New York
  118. CODEPINK Golden Gate
  119. CODEPINK San Francisco Bay Area
  120. College Climate Coalition 
  121. Colorado Businesses for a Livable Climate
  122. Colorado Coalition for a Livable Climate
  123. Colorado Democratic Party Energy & Environmental Initiative
  124. Common Ground Rising
  125. Communication Workers of America Local 9415
  126. Communities for Safe & Sustainable Energy
  127. Community Enabler Developer
  128. Community Energy reSource
  129. Community for Sustainable Energy
  130. Compressor Free Franklin
  131. Conceivable Future
  132. Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety
  133. Concerned Health Professionals of New York
  134. Concerned Health Professionals of Pennsylvania
  135. Conejo Climate Coalition
  136. Connecticut Citizen Action Group
  137. Connecticut Climate Crisis Mobilization
  138. Connecticut Coalition for Economic & Environmental Justice
  139. Connecticut League of Conservation Voters
  140. Conservation Congress
  141. Converging Storms Action Network
  142. Cooperative Energy Futures
  143. Corporate Accountability
  144. Corvallis Climate Action Alliance
  145. Corvallis Interfaith Climate Justice Committee
  146. Dan Riverkeeper
  147. Dayenu: A Jewish Call for Climate Action
  148. Deep Green Resistance New York
  149. Democratic National Committee California Delegates
  150. Denver Justice & Peace Committee
  151. Detroit Action
  152. District of Columbia Statehood Green Party
  153. Divest Ed
  154. Don’t Gas the Meadowlands Coalition
  155. Don’t Waste Arizona
  156. Don’t Waste Michigan
  157. Drawdown New York City
  158. Earth Ethics
  159. Earth Guardians
  160. Earth Guardians Bay Area
  161. Earth Justice Ministries
  162. Earth Ministry – Washington Interfaith Power & Light
  163. EarthAction
  164. Earthkeeper Health Resources
  165. EarthRights International
  166. Earthworks
  167. Eco-Logic Radio
  168. EcoEquity
  169. EcoFaith Recovery
  170. Ecology Center of California
  171. Ecology Center of Michigan
  172. Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation
  173. Education, Economics, Environmental, Climate & Health Organization
  174. Eight Rivers Council
  175. Elders Climate Action
  176. Elected Officials to Protect America
  177. Electrify Corvallis
  178. Electrify Now
  179. Empower Our Future
  180. Endangered Species Coalition
  181. Energy Smart Colorado
  182. Environeers
  183. Environmental Integrity Project
  184. Environmental Justice Action Hub
  185. Environmental Protection Information Center
  186. Extinction Rebellion Delaware
  187. Extinction Rebellion Philadelphia
  188. Extinction Rebellion San Francisco Bay Area
  189. Extinction Rebellion US
  190. Extinction Rebellion Youth US
  191. Feed Durham North Carolina
  192. First Church Unitarian Littleton
  193. First Unitarian Church Portland Community for Earth
  194. First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio
  195. First Wednesdays San Leandro
  196. Flight Free USA
  197. Flint Rising
  198. Food & Water Watch
  199. Food Empowerment Project
  200. For All
  201. For Love of Water
  202. For the Many 
  203. Forest Keeper
  204. Fort Collins Trash Mob
  205. Fossil Free California
  206. Foundation Earth
  207. Foundation for Integrative AIDS Research
  208. Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice
  209. Frack-Free Frostburg
  210. FrackBusters New York
  211. FreshWater Accountability Project
  212. Fridays for Future U.S.
  213. Friends of Big Ivy
  214. Friends of Buckingham 
  215. Friends of the Bitterroot
  216. Friends of the Earth U.S.
  217. Gas Free Seneca
  218. Genesis Farm
  219. George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication
  220. Giniw Collective 
  221. Global Exchange
  222. Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
  223. Global Witness
  224. Good Neighbor Steering Committee of Benicia
  225. Grassroots Environmental Education
  226. Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
  227. Great Plains Action Society
  228. Greater Birmingham Alliance to Stop Pollution
  229. Greater Grand Rapids NAACP
  230. Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance
  231. Green America
  232. Green Education & Legal Fund
  233. Green House Collaboration Center
  234. Green Neighbor Challenge
  235. Green New Deal Network
  236. Green New Deal Virginia
  237. Green Party of Duval County
  238. Green Party of Michigan
  239. Green Party of Nassau County
  240. Green Party of the United States EcoAction Committee
  241. Green State Solutions
  242. Green Workers Alliance
  243. Greenbelt Climate Action Network
  244. GreenFaith
  245. Greening Greenfield
  246. GreenLatinos
  247. Greenpeace USA
  248. Greenvest
  249. GRID Alternatives
  250. Haw River Assembly
  251. HealthLink
  252. Healthy Gulf
  253. Heirs To Our Oceans
  254. Hilton Head for Peace
  255. Hispanic Access Foundation
  256. Hometown Action
  257. Honor the Earth
  258. Howling for Wolves
  259. Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
  260. Human Nature
  261. I Heart Pisgah
  262. Ikiya Collective
  263. Immaculate Heart Community Commission on Justice for Immigrants & Refugees
  264. In the Shadow of the Wolf 
  265. Indian Creek Watershed Association
  266. Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition
  267. Indigenous Environmental Network
  268. Indivisible
  269. Indivisible Ambassadors
  270. Indivisible Howard County 
  271. Indivisible San Francisco
  272. Information Network for Responsible Mining
  273. inNative
  274. Inspiration of Sedona
  275. Institute for Local Self-Reliance
  276. Institute for Policy Studies Climate Policy Program
  277. Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice
  278. Interfaith EarthKeepers
  279. Interfaith Power & Light
  280. International Marine Mammal Project of Earth Island Institute
  281. Interstate 70 Citizens Advisory Group
  282. Iowa Buffalo Rebellion Coalition
  283. Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement
  284. Ironbound Community Corporation
  285. Islamic Society of North America
  286. Jackpine Savage Guide Service
  287. Jewish Climate Action Network of Massachusetts
  288. Jewish Floridians for Climate Solutions
  289. Jewish Youth Climate Movement
  290. John Muir Project of Earth Island Institute
  291. Justice Is Global
  292. Kentucky Heartwood
  293. Kentucky Interfaith Power & Light
  294. Knoxville Democratic Socialists of America
  295. Lady Freethinker
  296. Langley Park Civic Association
  297. Larimer Alliance for Health, Safety & Environment
  298. Lebanon Pipeline Awareness
  299. Legacy Realty Ventures
  300. Lehigh-Pocono Committee of Concern Peace Center
  301. Littleton Business Alliance
  302. Local Clean Energy Alliance
  303. Locust Point Community Garden
  304. Long Beach Alliance for Clean Energy
  305. Long Island Progressive Coalition
  306. Los Padres ForestWatch
  307. Loudoun Climate Project
  308. Louisiana Bucket Brigade
  309. Lower Cape Indivisible
  310. Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns
  311. Maryknoll Sisters Eastern Region
  312. Maryland Legislative Coalition
  313. Massachusetts Climate Action Network
  314. Mayfair Park Neighborhood Association
  315. Mazaska Talks
  316. Mental Health & Inclusion Ministries
  317. Methane Action
  318. Metro New York Catholic Climate Movement
  319. Metuchen-Edison-Piscataway NAACP Environmental Justice Committee
  320. Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition
  321. Michigan Interfaith Power & Light
  322. Michigan League of Conservation Voters
  323. Michigan NAACP
  324. Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action
  325. Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition
  326. Milwaukee Riverkeeper
  327. Minnesota Environmental Partnership
  328. Missing Murdered Indigenous Women Coalition of North Carolina
  329. Mission Blue
  330. Mon Valley Clean Air Coalition
  331. Monacan Indian Nation
  332. Montbello Neighborhood Improvement Association
  333. Morningside Gardens Green Committee for Environmental Sustainability
  334. Mothers Out Front
  335. Mothers Out Front Roanoke
  336. Mountain Association
  337. Mountain Watershed Association
  338. Movement Rights
  339. Movement Training Network
  340. MoveOn
  341. Hoboken
  342. NAACP
  343. Namati U.S. Environmental Justice Program
  344. Nassau Hiking & Outdoor Club
  345. National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd
  346. Native Movement
  347. Native Plant Society of the United States 
  348. Natural Capitalism Solutions
  349. NC WARN
  350. NDN Collective
  351. Neighbor to Neighbor
  352. Network Northern Virginia
  353. New Energy Economy
  354. New Jersey NAACP Health, Education, Energy & Pollution Committee
  355. New Mexico Climate Justice
  356. New Mexico Environmental Law Center
  357. New York City Grassroots Alliance
  358. New York Climate Action Group
  359. New York Communities for Change
  360. New York Congressional District 16 Indivisible
  361. New York Council for Housing Development Fund Companies
  362. New York for Whales
  363. New York Lawyers for the Public Interest
  364. New York Progressive Action Network Environmental Committee
  365. New York Water Action
  366. Nicaragua Center for Community Action
  367. No Fracked Gas in Mass
  368. North American Climate, Conservation & Environment
  369. North American Water Office
  370. North Bronx Racial Justice
  371. North Carolina Alliance to Protect Our People & the Places We Live
  372. North Carolina Climate Justice Collective
  373. North Range Concerned Citizens
  374. Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont
  375. Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council
  376. Nuclear Energy Information Service
  377. Nuclear Hotseat Podcast
  378. Nuclear Information & Resource Service
  379. Nurture The Children
  380. NYC Safe Energy Campaign
  381. Oasis Earth
  382. Oberlin College Climate Education Advocacy & Lobbying
  383. Occupy Bergen County
  384. Occupy Biden
  385. Ocean Conservation Research
  386. Ocean Defense Initiative
  387. Oceanic Preservation Society
  388. Oil & Gas Action Network
  389. Oil Change International
  390. Operation HomeCare
  391. Orange Residents Against Pilgrim Pipelines
  392. Oregon Conservancy Foundation
  393. Organized Uplifting Strategies & Resources
  394. Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd U.S. Provinces Congregation
  395. Our Place in the World: A Journal of Ecosocialism
  396. Our Revolution
  397. Our Revolution Hawaii
  398. Our Revolution Lake County
  399. Our Revolution Michigan
  400. Oxfam America
  401. Pacific Environment
  402. Paperhand
  403. Parallax Perspectives
  404. Partnership for Policy Integrity
  405. Pass the Federal Green New Deal Coalition
  406. Pax Christi USA
  407. Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane
  408. Peace Action Wisconsin
  409. Peace, Justice, Sustainability NOW!
  410. Peacehome Campaigns
  411. Peacemakers of Schoharie County
  412. Peninsula Interfaith Climate Action
  413. Pennsylvania Council of Churches
  414. Pennsylvania Jewish Earth Alliance 
  415. Pennsylvania Stands Up
  416. People of Albany United for Safe Energy
  417. People Power Solar Cooperative
  418. People vs Fossil Fuels Coalition Steering Committee
  419. People’s Action
  420. Peoples Climate Movement New York
  421. Physicians for Social Responsibility
  422. Physicians for Social Responsibility Arizona
  423. Physicians for Social Responsibility Los Angeles
  424. Physicians for Social Responsibility Pennsylvania
  425. Pipe Organs / Golden Ponds Farm
  426. Plastic Free Future
  427. Plastic Pollution Coalition
  428. Polluters Out
  429. Pollution Free Society
  430. Port Arthur Community Action Network
  431. Post Landfill Action Network
  432. Power Shift Network
  433. PowerSwitch Action
  435. Preserve Bent Mountain
  436. Preserve Giles County
  437. Preserve Monroe
  438. Preserve Montgomery County Virginia
  439. Preserve Salem
  440. Prince George’s County Peace & Justice Coalition
  441. Progressive Cheverly
  442. Progressive Democrats of America
  443. Project CoffeeHouse
  444. Project Green Home
  445. Property Rights & Pipeline Center
  446. Prosperity For Rhode Island
  447. Protect All Children’s Environment
  448. Protect Our Water, Heritage, Rights
  449. Public Citizen 
  450. Public Justice Center
  451. Public Lands Project
  452. Pueblo Action Alliance
  453. Putnam Progressives
  454. Quittapahilla Watershed Association
  455. Rainforest Action Network
  456. RapidShift Network
  457. Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
  458. RedTailed Hawk Collective
  459. Resist the Pipeline
  460. Resource Renewal Institute 
  461. Responsible Decarbonzation Alliance
  462. ReThink Energy Florida
  463. Right to the City Alliance
  464. Rise & Resist
  465. RISE St. James
  466. River Valley Organizing
  467. Rogue Climate 
  468. Romero Institute
  469. RootsAction
  470. Rural Power Coalition
  471. Safe Energy Rights Group
  472. San Antonio Bay Estuarine Waterkeeper
  473. San Bernardino Valley Audubon Society
  474. San Francisco Bay Physicians for Social Responsibility
  475. San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council
  476. SanDiego350
  477. Sane Energy Project
  478. Santa Barbara Standing Rock Coalition
  479. Santa Barbara Urban Creeks Council
  480. Santa Cruz Climate Action Network
  481. Santa Fe Forest Coalition
  482. Sarvey Environmental Services
  483. Save Lake Superior Association
  484. Save Our Illinois Land
  485. Save Our Shores
  486. Save Our Sky Blue Waters
  487. Save The Colorado
  488. Save the Environmental Protection Agency
  489. Save the Pine Bush
  490. Saving Our Sons & Sisters International
  491. Saxapahaw Prison Books Program
  492. Schools for Climate Action
  493. Science and Environmental Health Network
  494. Seeding Sovereignty
  495. Seneca Lake Guardian
  496. Sequoia ForestKeeper
  497. Seventeen Rivers North Carolina American Indian Movement
  498. Seventh Generation
  499. Shaleshock Central New York
  500. Shareable
  501. Sheffield Saves
  502. Sierra Club
  503. Sisters of Charity Federation
  504. Sisters of Charity of New York
  505. Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill
  506. Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Justice Team
  507. Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet
  508. Small Business Alliance
  509. Snake River Alliance
  510. SoCal 350 Climate Action
  511. Social Eco Education
  512. Soda Mountain Wilderness Council
  513. Solar Bear & Native Sun
  514. Solidarity INFO Service
  515. Solstice Initiative
  516. Soulardarity
  517. South Asian Fund for Education, Scholarship, & Training
  518. South Orange Maplewood Action
  519. South Seattle Climate Action Network
  520. South Shore Audubon Society
  521. Southeast Climate & Energy Network
  522. Southwest Detroit Community Benefits Coalition
  523. Southwest Organization for Sustainability
  524. SouthWings
  525. Sovereign Iñupiat for a Living Arctic
  526. Spirit of the Sun
  527. St. Andrews Austin Texas Earth Care Committee
  529. Start:Empowerment
  530. Stop SPOT & Gulflink
  531. Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion
  532. Stop The Oil Profiteering
  533. Sullivan Alliance for Sustainable Development
  534. SUN DAY Campaign
  535. Sunflower Alliance
  536. Sunrise Bay Area
  537. Sunrise Bay Area 35+
  538. Sunrise Knoxville
  539. Sunrise Movement
  540. Sunrise Movement Annapolis
  541. Sunrise Movement Kansas City
  542. Sunrise Movement Lawrence Kansas
  543. Sunrise NYC
  544. Sunrise Westchester
  545. Surfrider Foundation
  546. Sussex County Progressives
  547. Swan View Coalition
  548. Syracuse Cultural Workers
  549. Syracuse Peace Council
  550. System Change Not Climate Change
  551. TakeAction Minnesota
  552. Taproot Earth
  553. Terra Advocati
  554. Texas Campaign for the Environment
  555. Texas Climate Emergency
  556. The Black Hive at Movement for Black Lives
  557. The Climate Center
  558. The Climate Mobilization 
  559. The Consoria
  560. The Enviro Show
  561. The Greenlining Institute
  562. The Last Plastic Straw
  563. The Original United Citizens of Southwest 48217
  564. The People’s Justice Council
  565. The Phoenix Group
  566. The Quantum Institute
  567. The Revolving Door Project
  568. The Rewilding Institute
  569. The Shalom Center
  570. The Story of Stuff Project
  571. The Sunrise Project
  572. The Wei
  573. The Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club
  574. The Wooden Spoon
  575. The YEARS Project
  576. Third Act
  577. Third Act New York City
  578. Third Act Virginia
  579. Thomas Berry Forum for Ecological Dialogue
  580. Three Rivers Waterkeeper
  582. Tidelines Institute
  583. TinkerTree Play/Care
  584. Touching Earth Sangha
  585. Toxic Free North Carolina
  586. Tri-Valley Communities Against a Radioactive Environment
  587. Triple Justice Organization
  588. Turtle Haven Sanctuary
  589. Turtle Island Restoration Network
  590. Umpqua Watersheds
  591. Unitarian Universalist Association
  592. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis Climate Action Team
  593. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis Indigenous Connections Team
  594. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hidalgo County Texas
  595. Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice
  596. Unite North Metro Denver
  597. United For Clean Energy
  598. United Native Americans
  599. United Sludge Free Alliance
  600. United Women of Faith
  601. Upstream
  602. UpstreamPgh
  603. Valley Improvement Projects
  604. Valley Watch
  605. Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance
  606. Veterans for Climate Justice
  607. Veterans for Peace
  608. Veterans for Peace Climate Crisis & Militarism Project
  609. Virginia Citizens Consumer Council
  610. Vote Climate
  611. Vote Solar
  612. Wall of Women
  613. Wasatch Clean Air Coalition
  614. Waste Not
  615. Water & Air Team Charlevoix
  616. Water Collaborative of Greater New Orleans
  617. Water You Fighting For?
  618. Waterkeeper Alliance
  619. Waterkeepers Chesapeake
  620. Waterspirit
  621. Waterway Advocates
  622. WE ACT for Environmental Justice
  623. We Own It
  624. We Want Green Too
  625. West End Revitalization Association
  626. Westchester Peace Action Committee Foundation
  627. Western Slope Businesses for a Livable Climate
  628. Western Watersheds Project
  629. Wild Heritage Planners
  630. Win Without War
  631. Wisconsin Resources Protection Council
  632. Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network
  633. Women’s Environment & Development Organization
  634. Womxn from the Mountain
  635. Working for Racial Equity
  636. Zero Hour
  637. Zero Waste Hawai’i Island
  638. Zero Waste Ithaca
  639. 198 methods
  640. 350 Bay Area
  641. 350 Bay Area Action
  642. 350 Brooklyn
  643. 350 Butte County
  644. 350 Central Massachusetts
  645. 350 Chicago
  646. 350 Colorado
  647. 350 Conejo / San Fernando Valley
  648. 350 Connecticut
  649. 350 Eugene
  650. 350 Fairfax
  651. 350 Hawaii
  652. 350 Humboldt
  653. 350 Juneau
  654. 350 Massachusetts Berkshires
  655. 350 Merced
  656. 350 New Hampshire
  657. 350 New York City
  658. 350 PDX
  659. 350 Sacramento
  660. 350 San Francisco
  661. 350 Santa Barbara
  662. 350 Seattle
  663. 350 Silicon Valley
  664. 350 Tacoma
  665. 350 Triangle
  666. 350 Ventura County Climate Hub
  668. 7 Directions of Service
  669. 9to5 Colorado
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On Sept 19, 2023 ahead of the Climate Ambition Summit in New York City, climate activists gathered for a rally and civil disobedience outside Bank of America Tower in Midtown Manhattan as part of the March to End Fossil Fuels wave of actions resulting in multiple arrests. Activists demand Bank of America to “Defund Climate Chaos and Defend Human Rights” Photo: Erik McGregor (CC BY-NC 2.0 Deed)

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Let’s Save Each Other

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