2015 SCNCC Convention Details

System Change Not Climate Change 2015 Convention
Jan. 31-Feb. 1, 2015
Multikulti Community Center
1000 N. Milwaukee Ave., 4th floor
Chicago IL 60642
(@ the intersection of Milwaukee and Augusta)
Directions by train
Email info@systemchangenotclimatechange.org with any questions.
The SCNCC Convention is for members only.
Please be prepared to pay your first installment or full yearly dues to attend.
Yearly membership: $25-$200+ sliding scale, checks payable to System Change Not Climate Change
Please register to attend, even if you plan to attend by phone/Internet so that we can send you the code.
Note: Any member may propose a change in the bylaws or submit a national campaign idea for 2015 but proposals must be received by the start of Convention and must have a second to be discussed and voted on.
Email proposals to info@systemchangenotclimatechange.org
The logic of the Convention is to focus on assessment and analysis Saturday, and craft solutions and action items on Sunday. We will vote on proposals before lunch to accommodate members catching Sunday afternoon flights. Any remaining items to be voted on at close can be done by proxy.
Schedule for Saturday, Jan. 31
9 – 10am            
Registration and set up
Coffee and bagels 
10 – 10:30am         
10:30am – 12:30pm      
Broad Politics
State of climate politics, what  has it changed and how since our 2014 retreat?  The impact of other political struggles, Greece, war on terror, the international picture and the world economy.
Speakers: Peter on US, Roger A on Canada, Benoit R (call-in) on international situation, geopolitics of oil and global economy.
12:30 – 1:00pm         
Lunch & Coffee 
1:00 – 2:30pm          
SCNCC Balance Sheet from 2014
An assessment of our national/global political work, organization and capacity.  How do we assess the three largest nationally focused campaigns/events (Earth Day to May Day; Climate Convergence and People’s Climate March; Labor Notes) 
Speakers: Natalie (remote or Peter, Gloria) on the Climate Convergence, Michael W on the organizational accomplishments and shortcomings of 2014
2:45 – 4:15pm        
Chapter and Section Reportbacks 
An assessment of our local work in English speaking Canada and in the US, (maybe Benoit R on Quebec) highlighting organizational capacity, real members/chapters, allies, events, accomplishments and goals. 
Proposed Speakers: Jamie for NYC, Gary for Dallas, Michael G for Bay Area, Roger A for Vancouver 
4:30 – 6:30pm         
Strategy, Growth, Activism and Education    
SCNCC’s primary strength has been building events and conferences, both locally and nationally. Outside of this, the coalition has struggled to find a purpose, a unique and sustained role it can play in the North American climate movement. Given the dominance of NGOs and that organizing model in the climate movement, how do we pose SCNCC as an alternative model? What about organized labor and students? 
Speaker: Carole R
Evening reception at MultiKulti
Movement allies and non-members welcome to come by and hang out. $10-20 donation would help the party happen.
Sunday, February 1
9:00 – 12:00pm        
Coalition Building, Allies & Campaigns/Events for 2015
Who are our constituent organizations, coalition partners and broader allies? Do we want to approach certain groups about endorsing and participating? What is state of our working relationships?   Do we have the capacity to take part in an ongoing national campaign or series of national mobilizations, like a broad, unifying campaign?
Proposed Ideas:  
-Zero Emissions by 2030 (Peter R, proposal details TBA)
-A Just Transition (Michael W) Each chapter could apply as needed but the general framework would mean A) a series of theoretical and well-researched articles explaining a Just Transition and a transition to ecosocialism, plus B) collaborating with allies for actions and events to demand specific reforms, millions of union jobs, $15 minimum wage, taxing the rich, funneling money away from the police and military to fund the transition. C) We could also propose a Just Transition Conference with climate justice allies and unions. This is not a radical departure from what we already do, but would focus our efforts, beating the drum of Just Transition, and making a name for SCNCC as a leading voice on this question, not unlike what 350 did with the KXL.
Broad left events in 2015:
  • US Social Forum? 
  • State of Extraction, Vancouver March 27-29, http://stateofextraction.org/
  • Earth Day to May Day
  • Left Forum, June
  • Various national days of action (potential beyond just climate activism)
  • Paris 2015 solidarity mobilizations, December
Our events:
  • SXSW Texas Ecosocialist Conference Feb 20-22
  • SCNCC Convention
  • North American-wide SCNCC Conference(s)?
Speaker: Gloria M, Peter R, Michael W 
12:00 – 12:30pm         
12:30 – 2:00pm        
Organizational Questions, Structure, & Responsibilities
This session will be a series of micro discussions to resolve any organizational questions and to generate a workable division of labor that distributes responsibilities throughout the membership. These discussions include: 
The role of the website, newsletter and social media, our team of writers (Michel G);
Defining the rights and responsibilities of members;
Finances (Jamie);
The role of the steering committee & By-laws changes (if motivated, submitted asap); 
Members, Chapters & Outreach, integrating new members and chapters into monthly organizing calls (Michael W); 
2:00 – 3:00pm      
Wrap Up
Any remaining resolutions or issues with be voted on. Members who leave early can vote by proxy if proposals are clarified in advance. Summing up, next steps, voting, and reporting back on our next call, Monday, February 2.

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