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Dan Kellar, Rachel Avery,, August 9, 2014

This is an interview with Lana, a blockader at the Dam Line 9 occupation in Innerkip. Lana will talk about why blockaders are concerned about Line 9 and what is happening on site.

The occupation of a construction site on Line 9 site is continuing Friday, August 8.

CP, Canadian Press, August 6, 2014

Protesters set up a blockade at an Enbridge pipeline site in southwestern Ontario on Tuesday, disrupting work on what is called Line 9.

The demonstration at Innerkip north of Woodstock started early in the morning and was aimed at preventing installation of a valve.

Protest spokeswoman Rachel Avery said the valve was being installed near the Thames River, which isn't adequately protected from the risk of a spill.

"We're very concerned about the severe impacts of Line 9 on waterways, including the nearby Thames river," Avery said.

In Toronto: The forecast on climate change: Capitalism and the IPCC report on global warming

There are many discussions on the Left occurring over climate change. Some of these have been occurring about a 'just transition' in the labour movement to energy democracy to the financialization of the ecology movement through the promotion of 'cap and trade' systems to deal with carbon emissions. The release of the latest major set of studies from the UN's Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change allows a fresh look at these debates from the latest 'consensus report' from scientific analysts from around the world.

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