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SCNCC is a joint Canadian and US coalition of ecosocialists and fellow travellers united in the belief that capitalism is driving climate change and that a radical international grassroots movement can stop it. Green capitalism is a dead end. So are liberal parties like the US Democrats and Canadian Liberals and the corporate friendly approach of most Green NGOs. SCNCC believes the climate justice movement will unite with the labor movement, First Nations/indigenous and other struggles for liberation to create an alternative to the upside down world shaped by fossil fuels and corporate power. Another world is possible, but we need more ecosocialists to make it happen.




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One month after Hurricane Maria: ‘We need an adequately funded program of economic reconstruction (including the transition to renewable energy), the powers to carry it out and a true process of political self-determination.’
Victims of mining tell Trudeau: Canadian mining corporations damage health, contaminate and destroy environments, dispossess indigenous people, and harass, smear and assassinate critics. Get out now!
Six new books on Marx’s ecosocialist views, climate change and health, theory and action, inevitability versus contingency in evolution, new politics, and the meaning of Capital
To expect Puerto Rico to rebuild from this unnatural disaster while at the same time bailing out Wall Street financiers is to condemn its residents to a permanent state of crushing hardship and impoverishment.
István Mészáros, one of the finest political philosophers of our time, died on October 1. As this article shows, he was one of the first Marxists to identify the global environmental crisis as a central contradiction of late capitalism. 
‘Required reading for people trying to understand not only how the Anthropocene arrived on the scene, but why left-leaning people everywhere need to understand it’

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