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Ecosocialist Songbook Cover

Uprisings, rallies, meetings, and marches are livelier when graced with song.  This book of new lyrics for familiar songs is the Bay Area women's singing group Occupellas's contribution to the ecosocialist canon.  It's a free download. Song has been an important part of every people's movement that has ever won.

Latest from Climate & Capitalism

September 11, 2018
Some environmentalists want both nuclear power and renewables. Richard Seymour says that’s an evasion. We must choose, and the choice isn’t easy.
September 10, 2018
New books for reds and greens. Three centuries of factories; Holland in the Little Ice Age; Thinking in deep time; Horizontal Gene Transfer; The physics of evolution
September 9, 2018
How a giant industry that plunders the seas for tiny fish is reinforcing unsustainable industrial agriculture