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Posted: 26/01/18

Recommended reading: CO2 rise and denialism; women, nature and capital; left eco-modernists; carbon pricing; massive insect die-off; food nutrients in decline
Posted: 24/01/18

Seven new books on the new terrain of class war, social reproduction theory, limits to NGO radicalism, ideas for change, shrinking the technosphere, technology and inequality, and property formation in colonial North America
Posted: 24/01/18

University of Pennsylvania hosts ‘Metabolic Rift,’ a documentary film program about environmental activism and social justice.
Posted: 10/01/18

Ian Angus says a new book by Raj Patel and Jason W. Moore replaces concrete analysis with an artificial schema that reduces the complex organic relationship between society and the rest of nature to cheap things
Posted: 09/01/18

Neoliberal policies boost profits for corporate fishing, encourage overfishing, and squeeze out small fishers whose communities have fished for generations
Posted: 08/01/18

The author of Marx and Nature evaluates and introduces an important new book on the deep connections between natural science and political economy in Marx’s work
Posted: 07/01/18

Industrial agriculture uses 75% of farm land but delivers only 30% of the world’s food.  Peasant farmers feed 70% of the world’s people using just 25% of the land
Posted: 05/01/18

The 109 articles we published in Climate & Capitalism in 2017 were read by more people than ever before. These were the most popular …
Posted: 04/01/18

Three novels by Kim Stanley Robinson: Aurora is monumental and Shaman is a great evocation of the past, but New York 2140 understates both the climate crisis and the solutions needed
Posted: 02/01/18

“This necessary book details the full spectrum of environmental issues facing us today, demonstrates their scientific and political causes, and delivers a sobering warning”