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Posted: 08/06/17
The corporate business model helps pathogens and pests to spread across the world. The only way to stop the next deadly pandemic is to end capitalist agribusiness as we know it.
Posted: 04/06/17
The problem is not just that Trump is trashing a weak climate agreement and process. By quitting Paris, the lynch pin of imperialist world order is breaking that world order down.
Posted: 04/06/17
Martin Empson says The Shock of the Anthropocene is a interesting account of the global environmental crisis, but it fails to offer to offer any alternative to the current system
Posted: 01/06/17
Five new books on climate change and human health, ecology and imperialism in the global south, environmental economics, capitalism and universities, and the meaning of hegemony
Posted: 31/05/17
“The environmental crisis arises from a fundamental fault: our systems of production—in industry, agriculture, energy and transportation—essential as they are, make people sick and die.”
Posted: 24/05/17
‘Save the planet: Plant a Tree!’ It sounds good, but scientists say we can’t avoid dangerous climate change without rapid cuts in fossil fuel use, starting now.
Posted: 19/05/17
Thanks to positive feedback from a geochemist reader, I now have a much better understanding of the global carbon dioxide cycle.
Posted: 12/05/17
The ideologues who try to drive a wedge between Marx and Engels must ignore the simple fact that Marx read and approved of Engels’ most important work.
Posted: 07/05/17
Five new books on climate change, the Anthropocene, water, and food. Plus: an inspiring account of the Russian Revolution by award-winning science fiction writer China Miéville.
Posted: 06/05/17
For these politicians, it’s a matter of political principle: Earth’s ability to support life must be undermined as quickly and thoroughly as possible.