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Posted: 22/04/18

“I have taken the term ‘Indian’ as the title of the book. It is the pejorative term used against us. The whip they use to hit our faces. I have picked up the whip. I find it more appropriate than using terms that soften or diminish the oppression.”—Hugo Blanco
Posted: 18/04/18

Three highly recommended books in the Democratic Marxism series: Marxisms in the 21st Century, Capitalism’s Crises, and The Climate Crisis.
Posted: 17/04/18

Metabolic Rifts Today. Beginning a new series by Ian Angus, on how contemporary science illuminates and extends metabolic rift theory in the 21st century.
Posted: 16/04/18

Eco-modernists promise that technology can solve all environmental problems and provide  abundance for all. There is no sustainable way to do that.
Posted: 13/04/18

As an island nation, Cuba is particularly vulnerable to climate change. Project Life (Tarea Vida plan), now being implemented across the country, aims to  increase the country’s resilience and minimize future damage
Posted: 12/04/18

Statement on the second annual March for Science on Saturday, April 14, 2018. “We need to transform the role of science in our world.”
Posted: 08/04/18

Conventional farming destroys the complex soil ecosystem and ultimately the soil itself, so the risk of not changing it is too great. (Download Free Book)
Posted: 08/04/18

Secret documents reveal that the giant oil company’s scientists warned executives about the global impact of fossil fuels as early as 1981
Posted: 01/04/18

Six new books for reds and greens … climate change and disease … capitalist power and the planet’s future … brain, body, and environment … oceanic art and science … essential fungi and life … the political economy of water.
Posted: 27/03/18

Masses of new data reveal where fish are being captured and by whom, and what determines fishing schedules. Will this information lead to sustainable fishing, so long as profit rules?