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Posted: 20/07/18
Radical science magazine returns with an important volume on climate engineering, a documentary on SftP’s history and rebirth, and a renewed commitment to activism.
Posted: 18/07/18
Writing in ‘Science & Society,’ noted biogeochemist and ecosocialist David Schwartzman says Ian Angus’s new book provides invaluable insights on the intersections of science and socialism.
Posted: 15/07/18
Ian Angus examines how the 19th century metabolic rift in agriculture that so concerned Karl Marx triggered a pollution crisis in the world’s largest city
Posted: 15/07/18
Planetary Health, a new field of scientific research, focuses on the human health impacts of the growing disruption of Earth’s metabolic systems
Posted: 14/07/18
Exposing three myths that hinder the agricultural revolution that can restore degraded soils and feed the world using fewer agrochemicals. 
Posted: 10/07/18
To fully appreciate the challenges we face in transforming our food system we need to explore the economic and political context in which food is grown, sold and consumed in the world today
Posted: 08/07/18
Essential summer reading for green-lefts and left-greens. Ecosocialist essays on metabolic rifts. James Connolly Reader. A Nation Unmade by War. Formerly Known as Food. Nourished Planet.
Posted: 03/07/18
A Brazilian city’s food program feeds the hungry and supports local farmers. It succeeds by empowering communities and challenging inequality.
Posted: 01/07/18
Special issue features new articles by John Bellamy Foster, Hannah Holleman, Ian Angus, Michael Friedman, Brett Clark, Stefano Longo, and Justus von Liebig
Posted: 01/07/18
Anna Clark’s new book shows how working people in Michigan organized and fought back when neoliberal austerity policies poisoned their drinking water.