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Posted: 19/02/18

Andreas Malm’s powerful critique of current environmental philosophies puts historical materialism and cutting-edge science at the center of a call for militant action
Posted: 15/02/18

Facing the Anthropocene, by Ian Angus, will soon be available in French, published by Éditions Écosociété
Posted: 05/02/18

The author of ‘Fossil Capital’ and ‘The Progress of This Storm’ says there are reasons to be hopeful, but success depends on building a global movement of unprecedented scale 
Posted: 05/02/18

World Bank report shows massive depletion of Africa’s natural wealth by transnational corporations. Only mass action can block the extractivist plunder
Posted: 03/02/18

Fred Magdoff and Chris Williams make a powerful case that ecological disaster can be only be overcome by a revolutionary transformation on socialist principles
Posted: 31/01/18

UK climate scientists say that warming in at least one year in the next five could blow past the target set in the Paris Accord. 
Posted: 31/01/18

Relying on markets and corporate responses to the climate crisis will not work, because profits always come first
Posted: 30/01/18

The Marxist author of The Self-managing Environment rejected techno-fixes for environmental crises and exposed the fallacies of populationism
Posted: 26/01/18

“The so called free trade agreements are new colonial agreements that serve the interests of multinationals, favouring the pillage of lands, indigenous peoples’ communal areas, their water resources, their fish and their food”
Posted: 26/01/18

Recommended reading: CO2 rise and denialism; women, nature and capital; left eco-modernists; carbon pricing; massive insect die-off; food nutrients in decline