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Posted: 14/01/19
New report shows that recent extreme weather could not have happened without warming caused by human-induced climate change.
Posted: 10/01/19
The oceans are heating up faster than predicted, and the speed is accelerating. Expect higher seas, stronger storms,  and extreme precipitation.
Posted: 03/01/19
The biomedical community, ecologists, scientists, activists, and individuals must work together and embrace a balanced, ecological approach to sustaining health
Posted: 02/01/19
The 1930s Dust Bowl presaged today’s global ecological crises. Hannah Holleman’s brilliant new book shows how and why capital destroys the soil that all life depends on.
Posted: 30/12/18
Climate science deniers say warming stopped from 1998 to 2013, and temperatures are now falling. Both claims are blatantly false.
Posted: 30/12/18
The 137 articles we published in Climate & Capitalism this year were read by more people than ever before. These were the most popular …
Posted: 19/12/18
Climate & Capitalism is taking some time off for rest and relaxation. We will return early in the new year. Happy holidays to all!
Posted: 19/12/18
Michael Löwy initiates a wide-ranging debate on the great transition from capitalist destruction to a just and sustainable future
Posted: 14/12/18
New evidence not only strengthens the EPA’s 2009 endangerment finding, it shows that greenhouse gas impacts could be much worse than expected 
Posted: 14/12/18
Jonathan Neale says climate activists must reject climate taxes: they harm the poor, and do little to actually slow climate change