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SCNCC, May 21, 2014

One hundred and one employees from McDonald's outlets across the country -- together with approximately three dozen faith, community and labor leaders -- were arrested protesting at the franchise's annual shareholders meeting in Oak Brook, Illinois, Here's what McDonald's HQ looked like this afternoon:

LibCom,, May 21, 2014

Turkish IWW member Yusuf Cemal describes the atmosphere in Turkey, following Soma mining disaster.

Can you describe the general atmosphere in Turkey at the moment? Where do you see the protests going from here? Any predictions for what the summer might hold?

The protests are going on. I just came from one of them. Remarkably the cops didn't attack us this time around.

Editorial , Socialist Worker, May 21, 2014

Since the end of the most active, public phase of the Occupy movement, a number of activists have looked for ways to carry on the fight against the "1 Percent." This ongoing struggle has taken many forms--among them are recent attempts to build an independent political alternative to the two dominant capitalist parties.

Ian Angus, Climate & Capitalism, May 20, 2014

Too many supposedly radical books are written by academics for academics, apparently competing to see who can produce the most incomprehensible prose. My list of ‘books to be reviewed’ contains literally dozens of overstuffed and overpriced volumes that only a handful of specialists will ever read, books with little or no relevance to the non-university world.

Dom O'Dwyer, May 19, 2014

For anyone who sees themselves as more progressive than Nigel Farage, life under the new Australian government hasn't been very exciting – but over the last few weeks we have seen what could be one of the great political shifts in the country’s history. 

Emily James, Video, May 14, 2014
Director: Emily James | Producer: Lauren Simpson
Justin Giovannetti, Globe and Mail, May 13, 2014

A 16-year-old is betting that motorists will take note when their hands pull back on gas nozzles bearing graphic reminders of what fossil fuels are doing to climate change, and she’s persuaded councillors in West Vancouver to investigate the idea. If local officials find they have the authority to require service stations to install the warnings, the posh district would be the fir

Sarah Lazare, Common Dreams, May 11, 2014

Obama's decision to stage his much-touted energy speech Friday at a northern California Walmart—a company that is one of the most notorious purveyors of wealth inequalities, union-busting, and "greenwashing" in the country—was met with hundreds of protesters from labor and environmental organizations.

Over 30 civil rights, environmental, and labor groups released a statement blasting the choice of venue by a president who has vowed to tackle wealth inequalities and climate change.

Leonard Eiger, May 11, 2014

Silverdale, Washington -- Activists from Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, in Poulsbo, Washington staged a tea party on Saturday at the main gate of Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, the West Coast home port for the U.S. nuclear ballistic missile submarine fleet.

Protesters walked onto the roadway in successive waves, briefly blocking the entrance, and offered tea and cookies to the Washington State Patrol officers standing in the median. Officers escorted them from the roadway and cited them for walking on the roadway where prohibited.

SCNCC, May 9, 2014

Nine of the twelve jurors who elected on Monday to convict Occupy activist Cecily McMillan of assaulting a police officer have written to the presiding judge in the case, Ronald Zweibel. They are pleading for leniency at McMillan's May 19 sentencing hearing. The U.K. Guardian reports


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