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Mar 21 2015 - 15:00
Amanda Schupak
US Coal

Data from a March report on coal energy production revealed some dirty truths about the state of coal in America.

Coal provides 40 percent of the world's electricity and of that, three quarters comes from inefficient and often aging power stations that require more fuel and water to generate the same amount of electricity as newer, better plants. Compared with the most modern stations, these so-called "subcritical" coal-fired power stations (SCPS) emit 75 percent more carbon pollution and use up 67 percent more water.

Feb 23 2015 - 22:30
Katie Valentine
coal ash

Duke Energy is facing multiple criminal charges for years of dumping coal waste into North Carolina’s rivers.

Sep 9 2014 - 10:30
Ben Jervey
This morning, a District Attorney in Massachusetts made history as he recognized the “necessity defense” of climate-related civil disobedience, and reduced the charges for two activists charged in their
Jun 2 2014 - 08:00
John Cassidy

The Obama Administration’s decision to force the nation’s power plants to reduce their carbon emissions by about a third over the next decade and a half is overdue but welcome. For the past twenty years, the United States has been talking about tackling climate change, but, relative to some other advanced countries, its actions have been timid and insufficient.

Jun 20 2014 - 08:45
John Abraham and Dana Nuccitelli

Fox News loves to declare wars. Wishing someone 'happy holidays' is a War on Christmas. Support for marriage equality is a War on Marriage. And trying to limit carbon pollution to preserve a livable climate for future generations is now a War on Coal.

Jun 13 2014 - 23:15
Stephen Leahy

Pollution, not disease, is the biggest killer in the developing world, taking the lives of more than 8.4 million people each year, a new analysis shows. That’s almost three times the deaths caused by malaria and fourteen times those caused by HIV/AIDs. However, pollution receives a fraction of the interest from the global community.

Jun 3 2014 - 18:15
Dave Sewell

US president Barack Obama announced major new regulations on pollution on Monday of this week.

Jun 11 2014 - 10:00
Luiza Ch. Savage

Shipping coal to China could wipe out the benefits of Obama’s climate-change policy


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