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SCNCC is a joint Canadian and US coalition of ecosocialists and fellow travellers united in the belief that capitalism is driving climate change and that a radical international grassroots movement can stop it. Green capitalism is a dead end. So are liberal parties like the US Democrats and Canadian Liberals and the corporate friendly approach of most Green NGOs. SCNCC believes the climate justice movement will unite with the labor movement, First Nations/indigenous and other struggles for liberation to create an alternative to the upside down world shaped by fossil fuels and corporate power. Another world is possible, but we need more ecosocialists to make it happen.




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Every year, 361,000 children under 5 years die due to diseases caused by poor sanitation and contaminated water
South African activist Patrick Bond says we need to generate international solidarity for climate justice by imposing popular sanctions against Trump and US corporations.  
We must understand how can we slow down changes that have already begun, which changes we can reverse, and how we can adapt those we can’t stop
Climate & Capitalism will resume operations on or about July 18.
Agribusiness giants cause food insecurity and environmental degradation, while promoting the myth that industrial agriculture can feed the world better than small-scale, family farms.
Victor Hugo’s masterpiece includes a powerful attack on the urban wastefulness that steals nutrients from the land. Like Marx and Engels, he based his critique on the work of the chemist Justus von Liebig.

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